Tania Bond Yoga
Tania Bond in Viranchyasana-a


Atha yoganusasanam

Now begins an introduction to the art of Yoga.

Yoga is a practice for everybody, regardless of age, gender, size or shape. Often people choose to begin a yoga practice for fitness, weight loss and physical health. This is a great place to start, and those benefits certainly come with regular practice. The real beauty of Yoga however becomes clearer as a personal practice develops.

Yogah cittavrtti nirodhah

Yoga is to settle the movements of consciousness.

Yoga enables a person to become calmer, to deal with stress more effectively and above all, to become more knowing and understanding of one's self.

Tada drastuh svarupe avasthanam

Then the seer resides in their own true nature.

Source: Patanjali's Yoga Sutras

photos by Lewis Buchan website by Jobie Hoar